The Widows Sons Masonic Riders Association is an International association of Master Masons (Freemasons) joined by two common passions: Masonry and motorcycling. The California Widows Sons is the governing body within the State of California – with each state country or territory having its own sovereignty.

Brazen Pillarz Chapter, based in Murrieta, California, was founded in 2021. All members are Master Masons within their local lodge and are required to be active members in the greater Fraternity. The riders come from various backgrounds and are always looking to help Widows, Veterans, or Charities in need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is our primary mission?

The mission of this Chapter is to support widows, orphans, and veterans; to promote Freemasonry through the sport of motorcycle riding; to introduce Freemasons to Widows, Sons, and non-Masons to Freemasonry, and above all, to be Our Brother Sons Keeper, whithersoever dispersed around the globe inside and out of the Widows Sons Nation.

What is our vision for Brazen Pillarz?

Our vision is to create a diverse yet united brotherhood of Widows Sons committed to the principles of Freemasonry and are dedicated to family, faith, fraternity, and service.

What are our goals as a new Widows Sons Chapter?

Our goals are to make a profound impact in Freemasonry by continuing to make men and Masons better, support blue lodges, and make a difference in the community through charity.

Do I have to be a Mason to ride with Brazen Pillarz?

No. You do not have to be a Freemason to ride with us.

What are the requirements to be a Brazen Pillarz Widows Sons?

A full member must ride either a two or three-wheel motorcycle and be a Master Mason from a Recognized Jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of California. As an Entered Apprentice or Fellow Craft, a Mason can start the process of getting to know us. Also, men with a belief in God and at least 21 years old can inquire about starting their Masonic journey.

How do I become a Freemason?

Join us at a ride or other event, and we will gladly help you along. Contact us here.